16 August 2010

30 Days Drawing Challenge

It begins from a challenge:

Now it's the 17th day, so I think it's time to post some on this blog :D
day 1 - myself, and day 2 - favourite animals :3
no comment, bad drawings here XD

day 3 - mom's food :9

day 4 - mm, yummy...

day 5 - Best Friend.
Fun fact: My junior high-high school best friend and my college best friend has the almost same name but they haven't met each other.

day 6 - The Book Thief is awesome, beautiful, and sad... and you can't forget it.

day 7 - This is Aragorn, Elrond, and some hobbits... *shot*

day 8 - Bobo hasn't got an anime, but, I suppose I could draw him?
It's only because I don't have another idea... XD

day 9 - fave TV show for now: MONK :D

day 10 - I don't have any particular favourited candy, as long as it's not spicy nor hot, I guess...

day 11 - Turning Point of Your Life
It's either I've never had one or I've forgotten it

day 12 - Recent Accomplishment
I.. don't have any... that pic is my recent *scanned* drawing

day 13 - it's just a comic XD

day 14 - Fairytale
This is Princess Vasilissa from The Frog Princess, I really like the story, so I draw her carefully. too bad I only got my cellphone's camera.
Please read here about her.

day 15 - well, my brother is always be the one who take the photos...

I'm stuck in day 16-17 (>.<) Artblock! *or I'm just lazy*


  1. eheheh the legendary IKAN PEPES! :D :D

    keep up the fun work, dichan! day 16 dan 17 itu... inspiration and plant? o.O *bingung sendiri*

  2. btw, kenapa tampang elrond kaya agak2 *lost* gitu? he looks so adorable tho! XD

  3. day 16 dan 17 itu... inspiration and plant? o.O *bingung sendiri*
    sama bingungnya, anchan XDD

    btw, kenapa tampang elrond kaya agak2 *lost* gitu?
    Siapa yang ga bingung kalau tiba2 ada dua hobbit maju mau melawan orc? XD

  4. Unik. Gambarnya pake apa ya? Masih pakai tangan ga?

  5. Saya gambar pakai touchpad laptop/mouse, Rouge ^^;

  6. Hahaha, lucu banget ngeliat gambarnya, paling suka yang bagian Day 11:Turning point, literal banget >.<

  7. Makasih :D
    Itu gaara2 sayanya yang ga punya pengalaman apa-apa XP